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Why Loccate?

Track everything what matters, for safety and performance

Turn simple GPS tracking to a complete awareness of what’s happening

Real time + Look back

Loccate provides amazing live tracking experience, as well as static and dynamic ways to represent the history. Learn what, where and when from any place with a glance on your screen. Be aware of what happens with superior visibility of relevant data and instant notifications.

Stay aware (notifications about events)

When an important event occurs, who wants to miss it? Nobody. Get instant alerts on your desktop and mobile devices as you set by the rules. There are dozens of trigger options available with geofence and time limitations.

Next level of insight (Reports and graphs)

Dig deeper with detailed reports and comprehensive graphs to gain pipeline visibility, track fleet and team performance. The true Business Intelligence is provided by dozens of configurable templates and fast engine specifically optimized for heavy corporate reporting.

Optimize field service

Sophisticated business tools such as “Tasks” and “Fleet” let you improve productivity and reduce costs through better control and performance measuring. Schedule tasks to mobile workers, manage fleet maintenance, check driver’s behaviour and much more.

Share location in Web

Doing delivery business? planning sport events? Allow your web page visitors to see where your assets move in real time. Just place an HTML-code from Loccate to your website, blog or social page.

Accelerate your IT

Seamlessly integrate Loccate with any other Software using simple, powerful, and secure API. It empowers developers to connect with your company’s information and bring more benefits to your business.

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Customers Loccate

  • LG
    Loccate is a feature-rich software platform that allows our regional offices to manage, monitor and measure the performance of employees and vehicles.
  • Syngenta
    The company implemented the Loccate GPS tracking software over three years ago and have successfully been using the system to improve visibility and monitor fuel usage.
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
    In 2013 we installed GPS tracking devices across 35 vehicles and linked them to Loccate. The solution was chosen based on the technology’s compliance and impressive usability.
    Médecins Sans Frontières
  • GE healthcare
    We are really pleased with the performance of Loccate. We use the live tracking function all the time and everywhere. It’s a great time-saving tool.
    GE Healthcare

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